Facebook pages are on the forefront of what businesses can do in order to
maximize the success of both their online presence and their physical
location. Mind you, not only businesses would benefit from having a
Facebook page, but also brands and personalities.
This is all because you can leverage the power of Facebook and its billions
of daily visitors to connect with people, and tell them about your business
and other activities right through a Facebook page.
When you create a Facebook page, you are basically creating a place for
people to meet your business, and this also means that you will benefit
from joining a community where there are more than 60 million active
business pages.
Facebook pages will also make it easier for you to connect with your
customers, because more than one billion people use the Facebook
messenger, which is already integrated with all Facebook pages to

communicate more directly with other people and with business of all
Facebook pages are also a great way to reach your potential customers
wherever they are, because they are a great mobile hub for the more than
one billion people that use Facebook on mobile devices every day.

How do you go about getting a Facebook page for your business or your
online activities? Well creating a Facebook page is an easy task that will
allow you to have a beautiful online presence in a matter of mere minutes.
The best part is that creating a Facebook page is both very simple and
free, and Facebook pages look as good on desktop as they do on all types
of mobile devices. Facebook pages are feature rich, and they are built to
get only the best results possible for any kind of online venture or
Facebook pages will allow you to spread the word and build an audience
from scratch by providing you with the right marketing tools to promote
your pages to the right people.
Facebook pages will also provide you and your customers with a great
communications channel with the Facebook Messenger, which will allow
you to stay in touch with people directly from your page.
Facebook pages can be built to attract an audience around your business
with the use of the appropriate page management tools, and you can
always improve your page with Page insights, which will allow you to view
reports on how people are reacting to your pages, so you can make
changes on your pages to get better results.

Creating A Facebook Page
The actual process of creating a Facebook page is quite simple, even
easier than making a Facebook Account. It all starts by going to
Choosing Your Industry
Once you have gone ahead and started making your Facebook Page, the
next step will be for you to choose what kind of brand you are going to
want to apply to the page.
Are you an independent artist looking to go professional? Then, you will
want to pick the “Public Figure” category. Are you starting a local
business? Then, you should choose the “Local Business or Place” category.
While it may seem self-explanatory, the first step of successful branding is
knowing what it is you are going to brand. Once you have chosen a
category, go ahead and choose one of the many sub categories provided.
Facebook Page creation comes with its own set of Terms and Conditions, so
be sure to check up on those in the same way you should when making a
Facebook Account.

Finally, give your page a name; something that will be both eye-catching
and friendly, but formal and professional, as well. Click on the blue “Get
Started” tab, and get started on customizing your page.
Page Customization
From here, there are a number of things you can do.

The first thing that would be recommended is providing links to a website,
blog, or other social media account. While Facebook is a great way to
brand yourself or a company, you are going to need a place to direct
viewers who want more information.
✓ Twitter handles
✓ Blog URL
✓ Website URL
✓ LinkedIn page
✓ Instagram page
These are just some of the ways you can keep your brandings connected.
The possibilities are nearly endless.
Designing your Facebook page is more than just posting a profile pic and a
background picture and calling it a day. Studies have shown that viewers
are attracted to specific menus and page setups.
By going to the “Settings” tab, you can choose from a selection of
templates, but you can also manage how messaging, photos, and events,
are all presented on the page. Think about what you want to be in the
spotlight of your page. For example, a Nonprofit organization might want
to display their events front and center for viewers to become more
interested in taking action.

Tips of the Trade
There never seems to be an end to the ways that you can improve your
Facebook page, but for now, here are a few ways that you can get started.
Be Engaging
It is not enough to get a viewer to click on the Facebook page, you have to
make them want to stay on the page itself. Some of the best ways to do
this are:
✓ Making a recognizable profile picture
✓ Having an engaging cover photo
✓ Having an enriching description
✓ Organizing your tabs
✓ Throwing in some apps on the page
✓ Posting photos and video regularly

Be Accessible

It is not enough to have a Facebook that looks good, if nobody finds their
way to it. To get more traffic onto your page, look into:
✓ Making your page mobile friendly
✓ Using SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
✓ Time your posts at the most relevant times
✓ Share relevant images
✓ Use other relevant brands of similar industry

✓ Advertise your best posts
✓ Use a call-to-action when needed

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