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GroMo app review | Best mobile earning app without investment

Who doesn’t want to earn money and that too sitting at home online and from mobile app. If this kind of passive income starts, then our financial burden becomes a little lighter and life becomes easier. Today I will tell you about such a mobile app from which you can earn up to 50000 a month by working from home.

Earn money from mobile application without investment

Today I am going to tell you about such a mobile application which is absolutely safe, genuine, from which you can earn money online.

People think of earning by downloading many such mobile apps like play game and earn. There is no earning from such useless app and our time is wasted.

But GroMo is a reliable, secure app. With which you can earn 1500 to 1700 rupees by working from home for two to three hours a day.

What is GroMo?

Gromo is a mobile application from which you can earn by providing various types of financial services to the people. For example, there are credit cards of different companies, opening bank savings accounts, getting personal loans and many other such services are needed by people nowadays. So you can deliver all these services and needs to the people and in return you get commission.

Download GroMo Mobile App

Anyone can use this app. Even if you are not educated, you can earn by making the service available in this app accessible to the people. That is, even if you are little educated or you are a doctor, engineer or have any degree, you can generate passive income from here using this mobile app.


Friends, this is affiliate marketing in a way. But to do affiliate marketing of credit cards and loans of all banks, you have to apply by visiting their website and only when your application is successful, you get a referral link through which you can earn. But now you will find all these links at one place on GroMo . Simply speaking, through this app, you become a certified advisor for all financial products.

Till now it has more than 6 lakh downloads, more than 5 lakh partners and user review of more than 4.3 out of 5 stars. That is, it is a genuine app.

How to sign up in GroMo app?

First of all, download this app from Google Play Store from the link given below.

Download GroMo Mobile App from here

After downloading, open the app and after choosing one of the languages ​​either English or Hindi, you have to sign up by entering your mobile number.

On the next screen you have to provide your name and email address and enter my referral code given below . If you download the app from the above link then my referral code will come automatically. The additional advantage of using my referral code is that you will earn an additional ₹350 at different stages .

GroMo referral code: OL2X6304

After filling all the details, your registration has been successfully done as soon as you click on submit.

After this, you have to click on the 3 line which is visible in the app and click on Edit Profile . Here you have to fill all the details of your profile like communication address, identity details and bank account details so that your earning money will be directly deposited in your bank account. It is very easy to fill all these details.

Here, if you want, you can also make your visiting card so that you look like a professional advisor. This visiting card has to be shared with as many people as possible so that they can contact you and get the services they need.

After all this is done, now you can earn commission by providing all kinds of services available on this mobile to the people.

How to earn from GroMo app?

You can earn from this app in two ways . One you refer this app to your friends or other people. If that person downloads this mobile app from your link and uses it, you will get 5% commission of whatever he earns.

Another way is that there are many services available on it. Such as getting a credit card, opening a bank account, opening a demat account, opening an account for cryprocurrency, getting a personal loan, digital gold, etc. In return, you get a commission of Rs 300 to Rs 1500 or more.

How to make referral link in GroMo app

First of all, click on any service you want to promote. Suppose you want to promote the credit card of Axis Bank , then click on it.

All the details of Axis Credit Card and how to promote it are shown on clicking here. To promote it, you also have to watch its training video which is of 2 to 5 minutes only. The funny thing here is that you also get paid for watching this free training video . That is, this app says that you learn first and promote later and this app gives you money for learning too.

After completion of training video you will get a sharing link which is also called referral link. You can share this link with your friends, with other people, on social media such as YouTube, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram etc. Also, if you have a blog, you can share it there as well.

If someone takes Axis Bank Credit Card through this link, then you get a commission of ₹ 300. So in the same way you can earn by promoting other financing service or product.

Benefits of opening GroMo account with my referral link

If you open an account in Gromo app with my referral link then you will earn extra ₹ 350 . Let me explain to you how this earning will happen.

After opening an account with my referral link, if you sell any service available on Gromo, you will get its commission, but you will get ₹ 100 extra on the sale of the first service . Afterwards nothing will be found on the second cell. But on the third sale you will get ₹ 250 extra . Similarly, opening an account with my link will only benefit you.

So what are you waiting for, download the app immediately from the link given below and sign up and I wish you all the best that you can earn a lot of money from this app.

Download the GroMo Mobile App Now

GroMo app FAQS

Where to see my earnings on Gromo App?

As soon as you open this app, you will see the wallet icon next to the notification icon at the top. As soon as you click here, whatever money you have received for watching the training video will appear in the Reward section and the earning of selling the service will appear in the Brand section. You can also transfer this earning to your bank.

Are the courses on the Gromo app free?

Yes. In this app, you also get many training courses and webinars as soon as you click on the Academy section. You can learn this course for free.

GroMo app Real hey Fake?

Gromo app is absolutely real. You can earn well from this. The harder you work, the more money you can earn.

Does Gromo require any investment?

No. Here you do not need to invest a single rupee. You can download it for free and sign up and earn through this app.

Can you earn from GroMo app?

Yes. You can earn money sitting at home or work-from-home by promoting the different types of services or products available on this app through the Internet, through social media or if you have a website. You can Along with this, you can tell and sell all the services available in this app by going to the field. The harder you work, the more service you sell and the more money you can earn.

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