Shocking Facebook Marketing Facts to Consider

It is no secret that Facebook is an amazing marketing platform for every
type of business no matter how big or small a business is,

Facebook is a platform with a set of marketing features that, by the very
social nature of its platform, can play a bit against what most people know
about online marketing. Allow us to introduce you to some shocking
Facebook marketing facts that you should consider when creating
successful marketing campaigns on Facebook.

There are more than 2 million active advertisers on Facebook
Facebook is one of the biggest movers in the display advertising industry,
and the number of active advertisers in the platform speaks volumes about
that fact.
Two million advertisers on a single platform means that competition is
hard, but it also means that better checks are put upon advertisers, which
is good for Facebook users. (source)
66% of Facebook’s ad revenue comes from Mobile
Mobile users comprise the largest portion of people reacting to display
advertising on Facebook, so have this in mind the next time you design
your new advertising campaigns.

Brands that interact more with customers get 3.5X more business
Businesses that care about interacting with their customers and actually
put in the to do so, get more business. Brands that interact with user posts
and questions on at least a 65% basis get 3.5X more business than business
that don’t. (source)
Facebook increases visibility of the last 50 pages that a user interacts

Facebook pays a good deal of attention to the content that it feeds its
users, so it increases the visibility of the last 50 pages that any given user
interacts with. Leverage this to get free promotional power by posting
constantly and encouraging your fans to interact with your pages! (source)
35% of fan pages click on “like” only to enter a sweepstakes
Facebook Pages with tons of fans get a good chunk of them by promoting
contests and sweepstakes, and asking people to like the page in order to
enter the contests to get a chance to win. If you promote a good contest
or sweepstakes from time to time, you can increase your fan page and
interactions count!

78% of people like a brand’s Facebook page only if they have used said
brand before liking it
The vast majority of people will “like” the fan page of a brand or product
to signal that they approve of that brand, and they have to use and like
said brand or product for that to be true. Find ways to allow people to use
your products or to interact with your brand, such as promoting freebies.

Canada and the USA have the largest number of active Facebook users
around the world
Canada has the largest concentration of active Facebook users, followed
by the United States, so keep that in mind the next time you are planning
where to target your audience. (source)

  1. Clients ages 25-34 years address Facebook’s biggest crowd
    In spite of the stage’s standing as an apparently “more seasoned” network, 26.4% of the stage’s client base is comprised of recent college grads. All things considered, more than 33% (36%) of Facebook’s crowd are 45 or more seasoned.
  2. 73% of school taught Internet clients are on Facebook, as are 70% of individuals procuring more than $75k every year
    Facebook’s profoundly instructed and enormous spending crowd is prominent for sponsors. This signs open doors for brands hoping to acquire deals on high-ticket items.
  3. Facebook right now flaunts over 2.89 billion month to month dynamic clients
    Despite the fact that reception has surely dialed back, there’s no denying the stage’s status as the market chief in virtual entertainment. Facebook is on target to pass the 3 billion month to month client edge, addressing the primary interpersonal organization to do as such.
  4. 70% of Facebook clients guarantee that they visit the site everyday, with 49% actually looking at the stage “a few times each day”

  1. This information features how the stage procures rehash consideration from clients, demolishing any semblance of Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Maybe a shock to pundits, the idea of madly checking Facebook over the course of the day is perfectly healthy.
  2. The typical Facebook client goes through 33 minutes out of each day on the stage
    Facebook use has held consistent since around 2019, despite the fact that it has seen a 6-minute fall throughout the course of recent years complete.

Remember that social utilization per stage is basically level. More organizations mean more battling for crowd consideration. Thus, the typical social shopper spreads their utilization time around more equitably.

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