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There’s a Facebook business tool for every business goal

Facebook is a great marketing tool in itself, and with almost 2 billion
people visiting the platform on a monthly basis, it is a huge one at that.
With that said, Facebook has a nice array of business tools for every
business goal that is attainable on the social network.
Each one of the following tools is a crucial part of the Facebook
ecosystem, and they all play well alongside each other to help you reach
your goals and sustain business!

Facebook adverts

Paid online advertising is as old as the internet itself, and it should be part
of any marketing plan for any business worth its salt. In fact, online
advertising is way more effective than traditional TV advertising for
reaching new customers.

Facebook adverts are a great way to reach people, because they blend
naturally onto people’s timelines and don’t look like ads, and their very
non-intrusive nature is what makes them so effective!

Facebook Pages

Facebook Pages are to businesses what Facebook profiles are to regular
people, because they establish a presence for any business in the platform,
from where photos, videos and updates can be shared with your customers
and all the people that matter.

With over 1 billion people active on a daily basis on the platform,
Facebook pages are a great way to allow people to find you and connect
with you easily!

Good customer service is an essential practice of any business with an
online presence, and being able to answer your customers’ questions in
record time is one of the things that will keep people coming back for

The Facebook Messenger will allow you to establish a communication
channel right on your Facebook page without having to use a third party
application. It will allow you to automate responses and create Messenger
Bots to better serve your customers!

Instagram is by far the most popular visual discovery platform that is also
built upon a social network. People use Instagram to express themselves
and be inspired, and businesses have learned to capitalize on this trend by
using Instagram to showcase their brand’s identity.

Your Facebook adverts can be shown on Instagram, and Instagram is big
among mobile users. 70% of Instagram users follow a business in the
platform, and it has been found that 75% of people take action after being
inspired by posts on Instagram thanks to its visual nature, so only good
things can result from leveraging this type of engagement!

Audience Network

The Facebook ecosystem is not limited to the Facebook and Instagram
platforms. Its reach extends beyond and all throughout the World Wide
Web. You can easily extend your Facebook advertising campaigns beyond
Facebook by letting your adverts appear on apps and websites across the


Business goals will only be successful if a business is able to improve them,
and to improve them, it is necessary to monitor them. The “Atlas” feature
will allow you to measure the success of your goals and campaigns by
getting insights based on actions linked to real people!

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