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Top 6 Affiliate Marketers You Need to Follow to be Successful in 2022

1. Pat Flynn

My first choice was Pat Flynn. He has been one of the leading Affiliate Marketers for the past few years. He started his online business after being fired in 2008. Pat Flynn worked on his website for a year and a half, then he earned up to $ 8000. By 2013 he had earned up to $ 50,000 a year. His net worth is currently $ 2 million. 

He has had amazing success in Affiliate Marketing. The specialty he has is transparency, because he is very outspoken about what he does, and since 2008 he has been disclosing full details of his monthly income. Although his income comes from various sources, 80% of his income comes from Affiliate Marketing. 

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2. Jeremy Shoemaker

Jeremy Schomaker is a well-known figure in the Internet world. The reason is that he has made millions through Affiliate Marketing. Many are currently following him. When he was 28, he was stuck in a $ 50,000 debt. But after launching in 2003, he started making more money online. 

3. John Chow

John Chow Many consider him a revolutionary in affiliate marketing. Like Pat Flynn, John Chow has taken his online business to new heights in just 2 to 3 years. Chow says he only works 2 hours a day. 

His latest book Make Money Online: Roadmaps of a Dot Com Mogul has received great acclaim. His website already has over 200000 monthly visitors. 

As an online earner you can make money by reading his blogs and knowing how he makes so much money.

4. Neil Patel

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Neil Patel is definitely a familiar face to Indians. Most people may have seen him on YouTube. He has emerged as a successful entrepreneur at a very young age. But many are unlikely to know him fully. He first formed a company called Crazy Egg. Then he tried to sell it. But no one came forward to buy. So he wanted to turn this company into a success and did it. Then he started a company called KISSmetrics. He is currently training in all aspects of starting SEO through the website and YouTube. 

5. Affiliate Summit

The Affiliate Summit program  was created in 2003 by Missy Ward and Sean Collins to guide those involved in the Affiliate Marketing  industry. They started training in Affiliate Marketing. Then they started offering the same through their website. 

6. Vick Strizheus

Four Percent LLC Group is created by Vick Strizheus, an affiliate marketer turned business coach known for his mastery in traffic and conversions in the online space. 

Prior to the Four Percent, he has won numerous affiliate marketing contests as an Independent affiliate by creating his own systems and automation around the companies he collaborated with.

He has more than 15 years of experience in online marketing, which is quite evident in his training modules.


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