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We have brought you a list of 10 best camera apps to solve your camera woes. In all these apps, some apps are very popular and some apps are also new. First read about all the apps, then install whatever camera app you like and take your best photos. In this, you will also get information about the specialty of all the apps and their rating.

1. Cymera – Best Camera App In

Cymera The reason we put this camera app at the top is because it’s so popular. Cymera app has been installed by more than 100 million users and the best thing is that it has been given a user rating of 4.4. This rating shows how good this app is. You get many great features in the Cymera app. You can also call this app as selfie camera app .

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The Cymera app is available for both Android and IOS devices. Cymera is a Best Camera app as well as a Photo Editor app. You get a lot of tools to edit photos and there are about 130+ filters available in the Cymera app. This Cymera app can prove to be the best camera app for you.

Cymera App Best Features

  • Popular effects & tool
  • Beauty Camera
  • Amazing Filters
  • Camera Lenses & Silent Mode
  • Simple & Easy For Collage
  • Body Retouch

2. Camera 360 – Best Selfie Camera App

Camera 360 app is also very popular. We have kept this app at number 2 because its rating is 4.3 and it is free and paid. In this you have to pay to use pro features. Camera 360 app has also been installed by more than 100 million users. This app also has features to edit photos with camera.

Beauty Camera is also available in this. You get a lot of features in Camera 360 app, using which you can make your photo very good. There are many such filters available in Camera 360, which gives a nice look to your photo. In this you also get a lot of Srickers.

Camera 360 App Best Features

  • Powerfull Editer
  • Real Time Filter Effect
  • Motion Sticker & Funny Sticker
  • Beauti & Make Up
  • Challenge
  • Exquisite Filters

3. Retrica – Best Camera App

Retrica app is also very popular and this app has been installed by more than 100 million users. You can use Retrica app to make your photo great by using more than 190 Filters and best Effects. With the Retrica app, you can take both photos and videos.

This is one of the best camera and selfie app. The Retrica app is also very easy to use. You do not get more features in this. Both free and paid versions of the Retrica app are available.

Retrica App Best Features

  • 190+ Filters
  • Special Effects

4. Footej Camera 2 – Which is the Best Camera App?

Footej Camera 2 This is a great camera app because it has a lot of features. This app has not been installed that much, but still 10 lakh users have installed it. Footej Camera 2 app is available in both Free and Paid versions. You can make your photo best by using this app. In this you get a lot of filters, more than 70 and more than 50 frames.

The user has given a rating of 4.1 to the Footej Camera 2 app. In this Footej Camera 2 app, you get many more features, such as using manual control, you can control the camera according to your own. Apart from photos, you can also record videos of very good quality in it. And also we have told all its features further.

Footej Camera 2 App Best Features

  • Manual Control
  • Burst Mode
  • Beautiful Video
  • Amazing Slow Motion
  • Bloat – Free & Simple UI
  • Video Recording

Final Word

Friends, today in this post we are going to know about such a great camera app, which is very good for taking photos. You can take great photos with these apps. We hope you like this all photo editor app. If you like this post, then share it with your friends and if you have any question, then tell in the comment.

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