How to Create a Facebook Account, Step by Step

While it may seem simple to create an account on Facebook, there are a
number of questions and terms that you should be aware of when going
through the short process.

When you first come to the Facebook entry page, you’ll see that the option
to “Create An Account” has already been provided for you.

In order to begin making your account, you’ll be asked to provide your:

✓ First name
✓ Last name
✓ Mobile Number/Email
✓ Password
✓ Date of Birth
✓ Gender

If you look closely at the fine print, there will be four highlighted links just
above the green “Create Account” button, they are:

Why do I need to provide my birthday?
✓ Terms
✓ Data Policy
✓ Cookie Use

It is important to take your time and read these highlighted terms,
because they provide valuable information for your account.

Why Do I Need To Provide My Birthday?

The reason Facebook wants you to enter your date of birth into your
account stretches beyond having your friends sending you birthday
messages. Facebook uses complex algorithms to decide how your given age
will affect your facebook experience.

Let’s say that you are a middle-aged man looking to reconnect with old
friends from high school. When “People You May Know” is presented in
your Facebook feed, you are not going to want a long list of teenagers
showing up in your feed.

Using your entered age, Facebook can determine based on your location
the types of people that will most likely be appropriate to show up in your


It is safe to say that no one enjoys reading the extensive “Terms of
Service” every time they sign up for a program or service, but that does
not mean you should skip it over.

While it is more than impossible to read through every single clause and
subheading in the Terms of Service, a quick skim through it can provide you
with more than a basic understanding of what to do and what not to do
with your Facebook account.

It provides quality information on:

✓ Content Sharing
✓ Safety
✓ Account Security
✓ Payments
✓ Other Information

Data Policy

Looking through the Terms of Service, you may see a hyperlink to
something known as a Data Policy.

In short, this is referring to Facebook’s right, upon your acceptance of the
Terms of Service, to collect data that you provide with your account.

Now, Facebook does not use the information you provide for ill purposes.
Facebook uses your information to help promote safety and security in
your online environment, and create a stronger sense of communication
between you and the website.

Cookie Policy

If you didn’t know, Cookies are small tidbits of data used to store
information on web browsers. By accepting the Terms of Service when
creating your account, you are also giving permission to Facebook to store
and use these Cookies.

This does not mean you are not in control of what information Facebook
stores. Once you have made your account, there are settings you can
choose from to change how Facebook stores cookies, and what ads are
provided to you.

Go ahead, and click the green “Create Account” button. Doing so will
prompt you to verify the phone number or email account that you

Once this is done, you’ll be able to customize your account and create a
page on Facebook for your company or brand by going to the top right
corner of the home page, or by returning to the Create Account page and
clicking on “Create A Page” at the bottom of the screen.

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