The Shocking Revelation of Click2Sell For Affiliates

Here are good reasons why both affiliate marketers and merchants should consider the Click2Sell marketplace.

1. Entry Free

As a dealer or affiliate, there is no upfront charge to join Click2Sell. ClickBank, by contrast, charges the merchant selling items an upfront charge of $49.95. PayDotCom enables the trader to sell one product free of charge.

2. Sell products without limitation

A Click2Sell account can sell an infinite number of items to a merchant. ClickBank enables merchants to sell 500 goods in comparison, with more accounts costing $29.95 each. PayDotCom lets you sell your own items limitless at $29.00.

Click2Sell Review - Can you Make k a Day?

3. Handle both immaterial and material products

You can sell or advertise digital (downloadable), physical (tangible) or recurring items based on subscriptions. ClickBank is not able to offer tangible items.

4. Pay up to 95% Commission Pay Up

On Click2Sell, traders may pay affiliates up to 95% commission. Up to 80% commission can be paid by PayDotCom; affiliates receive a fee of up to 75% via ClickBank.

5. Tools for membership

Traders can provide the advertising media for Click2Sell to affiliates; a similar feature exists in PayDotCom. Click2Sell offers a state-of-the-art vendor and affiliate tracking system. You give unique URLs in order to preserve the commissions of your affiliates.

6. Merchants’ Flat Fees

For sales of $20.00, $2.00 and $20.00 and $3.00 and $40.00 and more, the selling costs for sales in Click2Sell are of $1.00. (They believe the price policy is as straightforward as one, two.

7. The network and marketplace built-in affiliate

Click2Sell offers both affiliates and clients access to their items, as is the case with ClickBank and PayDotCom.

8.Email Marketing

Click2Sell has sent millions of prospecting emails and has discovered which terms elicit a positive response and which elicit a negative response. Our content wizard assists our clients in creating the ideal emails that have been shown to get replies.

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