Why you should do your own content marketing?


Content marketing is defined as a marketing approach which is focused on creating, relevant, valuable and consistent content to attract target audience and retain them in a strategic manner.

It focuses on building long-term healthy relationships with the audience. It builds a community and then strengthens it by delievering valuable and desired content consistently to potential prospects and customers. Content Marketing offers a wonderful opportunity for Marketers to promote their content like blogs, videos, e-book and etc., using various marketing channels.

In today’s world, people want to feel like they are being cared about more than ever before. So when you care about your customers they will prefer your product over competitors’ options. Attention is kind of the most valuable resource. Their loyalty would be towards you, but these gains are seen only over a long duration.


 There are different types of content marketing strategies you can come up with to attract the target audience.

1. Blog Posts

Writing Blog and designing detailed posts on the website regularly will attract prospects and potential customers from different genres. The blog should have detailed, attractive, and authentic information which makes the buyers engage more and share posts on their social media and gather more people.

2. E-books

E-books are leading the tools for the current productive generation that will help the customers to download the prospects after landing on the site. An E-Book is a great resource to provide in-depth knowledge about the product, enhance brand reputation and also to develop new leads.

3. Info-graphics

Info-graphics are visual representation of data. It helps to deliver information clearly and quickly in a more engrossing and compelling way. They are usually long, detailed analysis of graphs, charts, and other authentic information.

4. Videos

Videos are one of the highly engaging medium for delievering content. They can be shared among people easily with just a few clicks. It is more likely to get shared on any platform as compared to any other resource. Webinars, Live videos, Vlogs are various types of video content.

5. Podcasts

Podcasts has emerged as one of the most engaging platform in last one or two years. A podcast will help the target audiences in gaining the knowledge easily and content will look more interesting.

6. Webinars

A webinar is basically a virtual seminar that happens online which turns a physical presentation into a real-time conversation from any part of the world. Webinars allows you to have engaging online discussions about the services and products on a larger scale.

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What is Inbound Marketing?

The Inbound Marketing is practicing marketing with one to one connect with consumers and not outsourcing it. It is the method of growing an organization by creating healthy, meaningful and long-lasting relationships with prospects and consumers. It’s a way of inviting them into your product and business culture. This adds value and gives an access pass to the common vision and story. It’s about empowering young minds to reach their goals at any point of time in their journey.

Inbound Marketing is majorly done in three different ways:

  1. Attract: This simply means taking in the right people with valuable knowledge about the content.
  2. Engage: Giving insights and solutions that align with their goals so they are more likely to purchase it from you for a long-term.
  3. Delight:
  4. It’s a way of providing help and support to make things easy for the customer.
  5. It is said that words of mouth spreads faster than any other resource so if customers finds your content or product valuable and when they’ll share it with others, it’ll attract new prospects to the organization which will create a self-sustaining loop. This is how momentum is going to build up and a strong foundation will be laid. 
  1. Inbound marketing focuses on building long term relationships with clients, creating content that is valuable to them and will pull more people towards the company, whereas outsourcing the content includes purchasing ads, watching down the leads, sorting emails etc. There’s no personal touch in outsource marketing.
  2. Inbound marketing helps you think and work smarter with your money than traditional outsource marketing. Through research it’s been found that inbound marketing is more efficient.
  3. Inbound marketing is more efficient as it gets more website traffic, sales, customer loyalty and young minds are involved.
  4. The inbound marketing helps in providing remarkable content to hot leads, first time visitors or existing customers. In this, no one forgets about the old consumers. It costs businesses more to attract new customers than to retain existing one.
  5. Buying experiences are based on how the customers feel about the content and how they are being treated, whether their demands are being taken care of or not.
  6. It’s been found that those companies which practice inbound marketing increase their current customer base into happy promoters of the organizations and products they love.
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         Ways to Delight Customers:

  • One should ask for feedbacks by doing authentic surveys to ensure what the users want.
  • Companies should provide well tailored valuable content to their customers which should be aligned with their interests. They should take care of their needs and help them in achieving goals and tell them about new features that might be of their interest.
  • One should listen to their customers’ questions, their likes, dislikes and comments closely and keep a track of all the social interactions and conversations.
  • One should make sure that their social media team should be in constant touch with their customers where they are sharing and delighting customers with their needs.
  • Timely communication and response makes them feel seen and important. This is the perfect way to connect with consumers.
  • Inbound marketing strategies gains the customers, makes the companies easy to be seen in the market, and directs customers to desired business practices.
  • Inbound marketing informs, educates and eventually convinces customers to believe, interact and put their money which can make the businesses stand out in the market.
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It should be kept in mind that be it inbound or outbound marketing, it can be expensive and time-consuming. Hiring Digital agencies can be economical and can save time. It’s always better to practice inbound marketing as it connects with people, builds a long term relationship and can upscale a business by many folds.

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